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Traditions keep people in a make-believe box that forces them to accept things as they are without question. This mindset is why we continue repeating the same problems, symptoms, and diseases over and over and over again. If you want to make change or expect something different you have to be willing to change and do something different.

Treating the cause of a physical stress will make you feel better which helps the emotional stress that starts improving the chemical stress levels!

Treating the cause of a emotional stress will make you feel better which helps the chemical stress that starts improving the physical stress levels!

Treating the cause of a chemical stress will make you feel better which helps the physical stress that starts improving the emotional stress levels!

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Fighting the symptoms of physical, mental, & chemical stress has become such a huge part of life that we are ridiculed for questioning whether it’s right or if there’s a better way of eliminating pain, reducing tightness, or alleviating any of the other symptoms of stress. We are to stay in our ‘box’ or be an outcast.  It’s not only time to step out of that box, it’s time to crush that little box and free everyone stuck inside!

How can I help you?

Stress is more than just how we feel when something doesn’t go right or when there’s too much going on, which are emotional stresses, and there are more ways to fight the stresses of life than what’s listed here. However these are the modalities I personally use when helping people heal.

Physical stress dis-eases (diseases) are brought on by all the things we physically do from exercising to sleep, play to work, or overactive to inactive lifestyles. When something feels wrong in a joint or muslce we get diagnosed with some form of "itis" or name like Tendonitis, Bursitis, Tennis Elbow, Runner's Knee, and Golfer's Back and then given medications/shots to mask symptoms, gadgets/braces to provide external support to internal weaknesses, or surgery to remove whatever is hurting.

The problems with these traditional mindsets are (1) when the medications/shots wear off the symptom will return because the stress source was never addressed. (2) A brace (back brace, orthotic, casts) is an external support that relieves the internal supporters (muscles and bones) of their already weakened role and become even weaker and more reliant on the supports. (3) With surgery often times the same surgery is needed multiple times because, again, the stress source was never addressed and compensations were made worse because of the cutting of muscles, downtime of recover, and inadequate rehab protocols. 

Muscle Activation Techniques


Physical Stress Dis-ease: 

Chemical stresses are an attack on the different internal systems of the body…nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, and urinary system. Theses stresses are brought on by the toxins we eat, drink, and breathe and the inflammation that ensues starts shutting the body down.  Protandim is patented to reduce the Oxidative Stress in the body by activating the survival genes that shut down when we stop growing.   LifeVantage’s Protandim can’t claim to cure any disease but lowering the cellular level chemical stresses can make a world of difference.

LifeVantage's Protandim


Chemical Stress Disease: 

Muscle Activation Techniques is a unique way of dealing with physical stress.

Protandim is a new and unique herbal product that help the body with chemical stress.

Coded Critters uniquely expresses a positive message helping with emotional stress. 

The Bible has been around for centuries and has advice for most every aspect of life.  It’s a paradox in that it appeals to some and repulses others for the same reasons but the message of love and forgiveness taught by Jesus has the power to transform one’s mind when followed.  The poems, songs, and art constructed here are my personal representation of the scripture in a unique format.  The Bible may not be for everyone but you’ll never know if you never read it.



Mental Stress Dis-ease: 

The circle of life:
The body is a series of interlocking systems that respond to each other in a consistent manner.
A physical SMILE can create a mental positive attitude that produces a positive chemical release of  healthy endorphins. 
Reducing physical stress helps to positively influence mental stress that creates a positive chemical stress response.
Reducing chemical stress helps to positively influence physical stress that creates a positive mental stress response.
Reducing mental stress helps to positively influence chemical stress that creates a positive physical stress response.

We've been fighting the symptoms of disease for far too long!

If you don't eliminate the source, you'll always have symptoms.

I have 3 unique approaches to help with the 3 stresses of life:

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Physical Fitness/Therapy


Physical Stress:

Structural strain on the body.

Chemical Stress:

Internal strain in the body.

Mental Stress:

Mental strain on emotions.

Resistance Training


Physical Stress Dis-ease:

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